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5 Tips to Make Going to the Laundromat a Breeze

It’s rare to come across someone who finds doing their laundry interesting. Unfortunately, it isn’t something you can avoid and like many other chores that have to be done regularly (no matter what), laundry isn’t something that can be wished away with the swish of a wand!

While heading to the local Laundromat may not be something you fancy doing each week, we at Betterclean Laundry feel that if you look hard enough, you will surely see the silver lining. Here is a list of interesting things you can do that can make going to the Laundromat a breeze:

1. Watch Your Favorite TV Show

Most good Laundromats provide free Wi-Fi access to their customers. So why not use your time there to catch up on your favorite TV shows? If your kids have tagged along, why not turn the trip into a picnic of sorts and spend leisure time together.

2. Clear Your Inbox

No matter what most of us do, and how often we check our emails, the “unread” messages simply keep piling up in our inboxes, don’t they? This is especially true in the case of busy professionals that find they are unable to win the battle against those cascading business emails. When you are at the Laundromat, take the time to skim through all the messages, respond to the urgent ones, delete and clear spam etc. You’ll be surprised at how fast the time flies.

3. Pour Over A Good Book

Most people lead very hectic lives and find they don’t have the time to read a good book. Your visit to the Laundromat can be the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on your reading. So, you can easily breeze through a few chapters of that novel you just can’t find the time to read, while your laundry is getting washed and dried.

4. Catch Up On Your Shopping

Many people prefer shopping online and what better time to catch up on your shopping while you are just waiting for your laundry to get done? You can easily do all your grocery shopping and make other purchases online, rather than waste time walking through supermarket aisles.

5. Call Your Friends Or Family

More often than not, people find themselves communicating with family and friends via impersonal mediums like messaging or social media platforms. You can use your time at the Laundromat to make that phone call to your best friend or mom or someone else you care about.

As you can see, your time at the Laundromat doesn’t have to be as dull or boring as you anticipate it to be. Involving yourself in some of these activities can help you banish boredom while your laundry swishes and spins in the washers and dryers.

If you are looking for a Laundromat near you that is safe, friendly and has the latest and most advanced equipment, Betterclean laundry is the place to come to. For any more information, feel free to contact us at (215) 821-3143. You can also contact us via this online form.

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