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Keeping Kids Happy at the Laundromat


When you have heap loads of laundry to do, heading to a Laundromat can sometimes be far more convenient than using the washing machine and dryer in your home. But this trip can prove to be harrowing if you have very active young children with you. Here we talk about some things you can do to ensure your kids behave themselves and are also kept engaged, while you get your weekly laundry done.

1. The Element of Excitement

Most children tend to throw tantrums when they realize that a trip to the Laundromat is on the cards. They dread the idea of spending hours at the Self-Serve Laundromat and quickly get bored while they are there. This, in turn, puts parents on edge as well. The good news is you can turn this into a positive experience by adding an element of excitement to the process. Fill a small bag with toys that will keep your children busy while you get your laundry done.

2. Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are a number of devices you can carry to keep your children entertained while at the Laundromat near me. They can play games on your smartphone or an iPad. Handheld video games are another great option. Allowing kids to play these games for extended periods of time while at home, may not be such a great idea. However, these devices can prove to be a boon while you are at the Laundromat and you will have fewer tantrums to deal with.

3. Reading Materials

If your kids love to read, solve puzzles, or play word games, you can turn the hour at the Laundromat into a fun time for them. Carry books with crosswords, Sudoku or puzzles; your kids will have fun and learn something at the same time. We understand how difficult it can be for customers to do the laundry and keep their little ones occupied all at once. It’s why we have an area with an interesting collection of library books for kids to read; that should keep them engrossed for the duration you’re at the laundry.

4. Memory Games and Learning Opportunities

Turn your laundry visit into an opportunity to create memory games for your toddler. Ask them to help you match various clothing items. It’s a great way to exercise their brains while keeping them busy and entertained all at once. You can get them to match different pairs of socks or even create piles of clothing of the same colors. If your children are older, ask them to segregate clothes according to which family member they belong to.

You can help kids learn a number of different things at the Laundromat- teach them how to load the machines, add detergent and put in the money etc. This will help them become more familiar with the process, making them better equipped to do their own laundry when they get older.

We have now opened a new Laundromat in Lawncrest as well. For any more information, feel free to contact Betterclean Laundry at (215) 821-3143. You can also contact us via this online form for more information about a Laundromat near me.

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